The BF and I did it! We made the commitment!

No mom, we didn’t get engaged, I had to tease you a little hahaha.

What we decided/committed to is to run my first marathon and his second next year! We are looking at one that will be on June 16th and…………..we committed to running our first ULTRA!!!! Just a 50k so just over 31 miles, we will do that in October/November we are still deciding which one. I failed at a marathon once before because I didn’t train properly but this is my year!!!! Or next year will be hahahaha

The BF is going to start buying the race entries over the next few weeks and once he spends the money we are for sure crossing that finish line, there is no if, and or but about it, if he spends the money we are doing it. So let the adventure begin!!!!

In the words of one of my favorite running books “my year of running dangerously” by Tom Foreman: “Thus began my decent into the madness of ultra running” or something like that.

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I am not starting entirely from scratch but I have only run a handful of time over the last 2+months so I am starting somewhat back at the beginning. I have mentioned that I am doing Couch-2-5k right now and I also downloaded their 10k plan to continue on after I finish the 5k, it takes you straight to like week 9 of the 10k plan so you don’t go backwards. I also ponied up the $5 to download the marathon plan, I think that will help me stay more consistent this time. And I am impressed the marathon plan adds in 2 days a week of cross training. And I am going to add to MY plan 1 day a week of strength training as well.

So here we go!!!! Anyone want to jump on board? I am only on Week 3 Day 1 of the Couch-2-5k plan as of today.

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So true.

Monday I shaved a few more minutes off my best time on the 90-second interval and had a good heart rate! I am feeling good!!!

Only 1 week back in the running game and my appetite is increasing again! Need to get my snack planning game on track.

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