Monday Motivation**June 27, 2016


Happy Monday!!!!!!
Today was my first day back after my week off. Oy. It wasn’t bad per say but it could have been much better…….of much worse.

I had 5 minutes left to sleep, not a lot in the grand scheme but still 5min. And the dogs, mine and my roommates who I am watching, decided to be load and make noise and wake me up. So I laid back down and gave myself 10 more minutes and ended up getting out the door 15 minutes late so my 3 mile run became a 1.5 mile run.


And somebody here knows the difference between a walk and a run, granted its been like 2 weeks since her bad human, aka me, took her for either so yea but she took a good 10min to figure out that we were running.


The human wasn’t too happy but at least I got out and did something!!!!!

Well see how tomorrow goes!!!

Do you run with a dog?
Do they ever not want to run?

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