Stitch fix!!!!!

This is my last stitchfix for a little while šŸ˜¦ My rent is increasing so my budget is severly decreasing. I will now only get stitches every other month. C’est la vie.


My sad last fix until late August.

Of the 5 items I kept 1. Can you guess which one?



Cargo jacket, I love the detailing on the sleeve and back.


Stripped dress, I like the detailing at the bottom


Love the color and the style of the jacket




Love the maxi dress, the length, comfort and the design of the back


A romper! I like the pattern and the frill on the collar.

So, what did I keep?

3 thoughts on “Stitch fix!!!!!

    1. the red jacket šŸ™‚ I felt like i needed to be 10 lbs lighter to pull off the maxi dress though i did REALLY love the look, i just didnt like the fit in the stomach

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