Back to the workouts

Howdy! Happy Tuesday!

I got my butt up this morning and went to the gym


My tablet does not take the best pictures at night.


I did some bike and swim then headed to work.
Work is crazy right now so the days go by quickly but they are also quite frantic feeling.

On top of that last night we found out that our landlord is going to sell the house we are renting. We don’t know if we will be staying or not or how much rent could go up. It is all up in the air, which is super stressful.



Another lovely night comiserating with Carrie Bradshaw. If you have ever spent years dating this show is soooo relatable. Whenever I feel like I might never find someone and feel lonely and hopeless this show reminds me to be strong and independent.


I love hanging with my puppy.

How was your Tuesday?

Any dating advice on how/where to find the right guy?

Monday Motivation**May 2, 2016

OMG its May!!!!!! How did that happen?



Happy Monday!!!!

Monday- AM strength training, my trainer kicked my butt! I was already shaking half way through

Tuesday-AM spin and swim

Wednesday- AM swim with trainer

Thursday- OFF

Friday-AM spin and swim

Saturday- AM spin

Sunday 10-11 mile run


What does your week look like? 


The first rule of fight club….

Happy Saturday!!!

Weekend 4 done at the tulip farm for me!! I don’t work tomorrow because i have a race.

But lets back up, i got my butt to the gym yesterday morning and did a little spin and swim





Then i hit Starbucks thanks to my bestie Nicole and the birthday giftcard she sent me


Yep thats a little bit of my Stitchfix dress you see.

I also got some blueberries to add to my oatmeal :mrgreen:


The tulip festival was good day, busy but not crazy.

I came home and read a chapter of my book club book the watched a Netflix documentary on the barkely marathon. The first rule of the barkley marathon is you don’t talk about the barkley marathon…..oops i broke rule #1. This race is INSANE!!! In the i think 30 something years it has been run only 15 people have ever finished it………I WANT TO DO IT!!!!!! But not for a long time lol i have to learn how to navigate a trail map and all that cause there are NO ROUTE MARKERS and its in the Tennessee wilderness.

Card dinner


And now its sleep time for my race tomorrow. Goodnight.

Google the Barkley marathon and let me know if you want to try it with me :mrgreen:

Hardships of being a triathlete PT 1

Oh so technically i haven’t completed my first triathlon yet but i am working on it and most of this works for running too hahahahaha.
oh and disclaimer, i got all these photos from pintrest, none are my own lol


seriously. This is even worse when my workout schedule gets screwed up, “well i think i am swimming tomorrow so i dont want to wash my hair tonight”……..5 days in a row.




Running was bad enough, the shoes, the gels the clothes, add in swimming and biking and my accounts are not only empty, they are negative.




I crash and i crash hard when i don’t have food. Lets just say the impatient bitch comes out.





If this isnt your lifestyle you just don’t get it.


This is slowly becoming true………and i LOVE it!!!!



Finding someone to either deal with your workout schedule or workout this much with you is diffincult. and yes the more in shape i get the more i want a ripped guy who still fits all my other critera……..apperently i will be alone forever hahahaha


I swear i shaved yesterday…….oh that was 2 weeks ago…….


I never have enough clean workout clothes.


It’s a battle every morning.

something fun to leave you with.


Blue Apron, planting and reading

Happy Wednesday! More than halfway to the weekend! Today was my first full day back at work this week. I’m not 100% better but I’m like 85-90% better. When i got home i took Artemis for a short walk since she’s been cooped up since our run on Saturday due to me not feeling good.


She still knows she’s spoiled though hahaha.

I made my last Blue Apron meal from my box last week. Enchiladas. Sorry i failed to take prep and cooking photos.



This has a fair amount of mushrooms in it and i dont quite love the taste if mushrooms in most things except ravioli and marinated and grilled button mushrooms but the flavor of the enchiladas totally masked the mushrooms which was perfect for me, i get the healthy benefits without having to taste them.


These are some seriously full enchiladas. I brought 2 for lunch and ended up eating half for lunch and half for dinner.

I went to target on my lunch to get some planting stuff and found some great oatmeal on sale for practically nothing.


This box has 8 instant oatmeals in it for $2.58!!! I got apple cinnamon and maple brown sugar. For $5 i now have lunch at work for the next 3 weeks. I can throw some fruit or nuts in to spice it up if necessary. Sometimes i LOVE target.
For planting


I planted 3 more potatoes in the white containers


I transplanted my first tomato and pepper start. I figure ill transfer 1-2/week and see how they fair.


My peas and corn are still growing!!!!

Now off to bed so i can go to spin class in the AM. Goodnight!!!

How was your day?
Are you planting any food this year?

Monday Motivation

Welcome to the last Monday in March!!!!



Well i was supposed to meet with my trainer this morning to do a strength workout at 5am. I rolled over to look at the clock this morning and it was 5:30am…….oops.

Now i know i set my alarm, not only did i set one alarm on my phone, i set 5!!!!! None of them went off. I know i did not roll over and hit the off button 5 times and not once wake up, at least one of them even had a little puzzle i have to solve to make it turn off. I think the universe silenced my phone and decided i needed the rest. Just saying. And that rest cost me $65 because i still had to pay for the session since i stood her up. Now as much as that sucks i totally understand it, my awesome trainer still got her butt out of bed at an ungodly hour to be at the gym to train me so she should get paid if i flake out or oversleep no matter whether it was intentional or not. I just wish it didn’t cost so much lol, but that is what i get for training through a gym. She should really go independent so i can save some money lol.

As for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: bike and swim

Wednesday: AM swim with trainer

Thursday: bike and swim

Friday: OFF!!!

Saturday/Sunday- 6.5 miles one of these days.

Date Night

So the plan was to wake up early and get to the pool and swim before spin class. But 4:30am came and i so did not want to get out of bed. So i didn’t lol. I slept in and cuddled with my dog until 5:10 then jumped up and rushed to get ready and walked into spin class 5 min late.



I left spin class 5 min early to change and hit the pool.


My tracking messed up i think i hit 600m but oh well.

Then off to a day of work. Then i met a guy from Eharmony for dinner. I didn’t have super high hopes and i didn’t think he was that great looking in his pictures (though i am learning the older i get that personality and clicking im person is becoming more and more important), also we didn’t talk that much before meeting so i didn’t have much invested. We went to a nice little place in Oregon city, the conversation flowed well and he was nice. I didn’t feel the immediate desire to jump his bones (which is probably a good thing lol it will allow me to think clearer) but i would be happy to see him again.

And with that it is bed time for me. No AM workout tomorrow but that means if im asleep in the next 20 min i can get 9 hours!!!!!!!

Monday Motivation**March 21, 2016



Monday- I am taking today off to rest and relax.

Tuesday- AM spin class

Wednesday- RUn 6 min, Walk 2 min X 6

Thursday- AM swim with trainer

Friday- OFF

Saturday- Trail 10k race!!!!!!!

Sunday- OFF

It is an off week for me, starting the work on the weekends wiped me out as did the time change and i think i might have the edge of something so i am mostly taking it easy. One easy week in the hopes that nothing gets worse.

Dual workout and barkbox

Woke up at 3:30 this morning!!!!! Though i laid in bed and played on my phone and cuddled with the dog until 4. Hit the gym and did 20 min the water.


With workout 1 done i changed for workout 2


Spin class.
I knew it was going to be a hard day when i rolled out of bed this morning  and was sore all over from training and running yesterday.
Spinning was good



My waterbottle was at that point where it was starting to get gross so i broke down and out it in the dish washer. Bought gatorade at the gym


My new favorite flavor, glacial frost.


The delicious cheese i think i mentioned yesterday.
Today was ice cream sundae day at work


I tried to be good and not go overboard. The first half was delicous then i started feeling horrible but eat these kinds of sweets so infrequently that i forced myself to finish it and felt bloated and gross for like 2 hours. Old habits die hard.


My new vitamins arrived. I track my food in myfitnesspal and one of the things it has shown me is that i never hit my daily calcium goal so i will start taking these a few days a week to combat that a bit.


Barkbox came today!!!!! I love opening these boxes!!!






It is always interesting to see what Artemis is going to like toy wise and what she is going to ignore. Anything Artemis doesn’t want Jasper, my roommates dog, will eventually adopt as his own.

I am feeling a little lonely tonight. I miss having a boyfriend, i miss having my girls around for dinner dates and coffee dates. I am doing a lot better with my  breakup and getting back out there but some nights i still get really sad and lonely. Mostly when i disappointed by the state of men and dating today and get depressed that I’ll never find someone.
This too shall pass.

Well thats it on my end.

How was your day?

Hump day!

Got up and hit the gym this morning for strength training. Yes i slept good last night. Thank goodness!!!
No auntie tina it’s not the coffee lol. I’m drinking less than i ever have.

The gym was hard but awesome. I’ve lost another lbs!! Woohoo. I can feel the muscles developing and i am loving my body and starting to feel soooo good!.


My gym bag and blender bottle are pretty much a constant in my car these days hahaha.


I went grocery shopping when i was hungry and got Gardettos or whatever that snack is so i limited my portions.


Lunch was tomato, basil, and mozzarella on this delicious bread from the bakery at Fred Meyers. I also got some aged smoked cheddar YUM!!!!

There was still sun when i got home so Artemis and i went for a little walk run


Had the second half of my leftover salmon for dinner


And now its off to bed so i can hit the  gym even earlier than normal because my trainer instructed me to swim AND spin before work.

Night Night!!