Back to the workouts

Howdy! Happy Tuesday!

I got my butt up this morning and went to the gym


My tablet does not take the best pictures at night.


I did some bike and swim then headed to work.
Work is crazy right now so the days go by quickly but they are also quite frantic feeling.

On top of that last night we found out that our landlord is going to sell the house we are renting. We don’t know if we will be staying or not or how much rent could go up. It is all up in the air, which is super stressful.



Another lovely night comiserating with Carrie Bradshaw. If you have ever spent years dating this show is soooo relatable. Whenever I feel like I might never find someone and feel lonely and hopeless this show reminds me to be strong and independent.


I love hanging with my puppy.

How was your Tuesday?

Any dating advice on how/where to find the right guy?

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