Halfway through the week

Happy Thursday!!!!!

Yesterday was insane! Work was crazy in the afternoon, i was here late and collapsed when i got home.

Yesterday morning i did swim training which went really well.


this is how i relaxed at lunch.



i needed sugar and caffiene. No i do not normally drink energy drinks, in fact i almost never energy drinks but this week has been crazy.


just started this book on tape this morning and i am LOVING it!!! It is so cute!!! The reader reminds me of Steve Martin when he was in Father of the Bride.

Got my last check from the tulip festival which will get me through to my next paycheck and help me pay some of my last personal training payment.

Speaking of money……..i dont know if i told you this yet or not, but my landlord has decided to sell our house. We get a great deal on rent because one of my roommates is sort of friends with the landlord. He said he would try and find someone who wanted to keep us on but even if that happens our rent will increase probably exponentially. So now i have to see what happens and whether i will be staying or having to find a new place or what is going to happen. But my spending money is sure going to decrease A LOT.

Well whatever comes i have my training to keep me sane.

Talk to you soon!!!!

2 thoughts on “Halfway through the week

  1. I colored that same picture at work too a while ago. Hahahaha. I’ll send you the picture when I get to work. If I still have it.

    I’m sorry about your leaving situation. That’s really annoying. Let me know if you need any help. I might be able to get you some suggestions of places to check.

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