Blue Apron, planting and reading

Happy Wednesday! More than halfway to the weekend! Today was my first full day back at work this week. I’m not 100% better but I’m like 85-90% better. When i got home i took Artemis for a short walk since she’s been cooped up since our run on Saturday due to me not feeling good.


She still knows she’s spoiled though hahaha.

I made my last Blue Apron meal from my box last week. Enchiladas. Sorry i failed to take prep and cooking photos.



This has a fair amount of mushrooms in it and i dont quite love the taste if mushrooms in most things except ravioli and marinated and grilled button mushrooms but the flavor of the enchiladas totally masked the mushrooms which was perfect for me, i get the healthy benefits without having to taste them.


These are some seriously full enchiladas. I brought 2 for lunch and ended up eating half for lunch and half for dinner.

I went to target on my lunch to get some planting stuff and found some great oatmeal on sale for practically nothing.


This box has 8 instant oatmeals in it for $2.58!!! I got apple cinnamon and maple brown sugar. For $5 i now have lunch at work for the next 3 weeks. I can throw some fruit or nuts in to spice it up if necessary. Sometimes i LOVE target.
For planting


I planted 3 more potatoes in the white containers


I transplanted my first tomato and pepper start. I figure ill transfer 1-2/week and see how they fair.


My peas and corn are still growing!!!!

Now off to bed so i can go to spin class in the AM. Goodnight!!!

How was your day?
Are you planting any food this year?

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