Half a sick day and my birthday

Well i woke up not feeling 100% better but about 60% better. I went to work and that 60% quickly faded down. I went home shortly after 2pm. The rest of the day was spent on the couch. And now its sleep time. I am looking forward to 9 hours of regenerative sleep.

Did mention its my birthday lol. That is how my 28th birthday was spent. But i know it could always be worse so i will enjoy the fact that i got to spend more time with my sweet dog.

And now Goodnight. 

2 thoughts on “Half a sick day and my birthday

  1. Happy late birthday. Sorry I forgot. Been busy. But did want to tell you. That me and Tim planned a trip up to Portland for a week. I message you the details. I hope to see you some while we are up there.

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