Sick day

Ugh i woke up just before 3am and was running to the bathroom. I’ll spare you the gruesome details but safe to say i stayed home sick today.

I made one trip out of the house to a safeway down the street to get some chow mein and replace my roommates ice cream that i finished off. The entire 20 min trip left me with a blinding headache and the desire to vomit regardless of the anti-nausea pills and ibuprofen i took.

I am lucky enough to have some anti-nausea pills left from being sick over winter.

Ok 5 second rant. Do you feel guilty when you take a sick day? Heaven forbid you take more than one?

I hate that i live in a society that makes me feel guilty for taking a day or two off to take care of myself. Or maybe its not society, maybe its just me who feels guilty, in which case i need to work on that. Its hard to take the time to rest and recuperate when you are worried about your job and feel bad.

Do you feel the same or am i crazy?

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