Current Life

Happy Hump Day!!!!!!

I got up and went to an AM spinning class, being active feels so good and keeps any stress and depression away. It was very obvious that I hadn’t taken a spin class in awhile……I wanted to die. 

I went at about 75% of my max and was still dead at the end

Need to get my butt to spin class more often. 

Stopped at the store to pickup a prescription and grabbed some much needed broke people food

Actually I just like to have stock on hand for when a craving hits or I don’t feel too good. I’m not broke yet thankfully.

Lots of laundry going on

A short but powerful thunderstorm hit and the puppies freaked out. I got some cuddles

I had great (but unhealthy) leftovers for lunch

My man took me out for a sorry you got fired, but yay you can sleep in dinner hahahaha!!! I love Mexican food. 

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