Monday Motivation 

Happy Monday!!! how are you feeling after the holiday weekend?

Monday: Insanity Day 4

Tuesday: PM Strength then 1.75 mile fast (11:35 pace) and .15 mile hills x 6 at a 3.5 incline

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: PM strength and 3.25 mile @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: AM Spin class then swim 600m

Sunday: 8 miles easy and yoga

If you fell off the wagon last week lets get back on track this week!!!!

3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation 

  1. I started doing insanity again, its such a great workout, however my calves clearly haven’t been worked that hard in a while and I have been walking like a weirdo for the past few days.. I forgot how tough of a workout it really is!

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