A Great Day

This is going to be short at sweet because I’m about to fall asleep. 

I had a great day. The BF and I went mini golfing

I was only 5 over par, i will call that awesome!!! Then he took me for sushi because i haven’t had it in forever, even though he does not like it lol, he is so sweet. 
Next we went and saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, super cute, loved it!!!! 

And lastly my roommate too me out to a congratulations on getting fired here’s to better things in the future dinner lol

Now i have to get all this makeup off and pass out so i can get up and run in the  AM.

How was your day?

One thought on “A Great Day

  1. You guys look so cute for your evening out!!!! Love your outfit Ariana! Are the clothes from one of your boxes??

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