Ugh my stupid phone

Well this was supposed to upload and post last night but my phone is on the verge of dying so i get to spend my lunch at Costco seeing what they can do for me for a phone plan and hopefully get a new one soon.

Yesterday was a good day i pickedup a pineapple at the store a few days ago and cut it up, so happy we are getting to fresh cheap fruit season!!! I am starting to have good delicious snacks.


I met my trainer at the gym for a swim workout.

It was beautiful at lunch so i went out for a little walk before the rains hit at night. When i got back i put my legs up to try and drain some of the lactic acid that has built up



I needed a quick dinner so i drove through subway. Then i ran out the door to my first trivia night from!

It was super fun!!!! I will definetly be going back.


How was your Wednesday?

Bookclub from

Last time i lived in Oregon i tried There was a country bar like 5 min from my apartment and there was a weekly meetup group there on the night they had free line dancing lessons. I RSVP’D one night and several other people had RSVP’D. I showed up and could not find them anywhere, i asked the waitress who asked the bartender but no one knew anything about it. I was there so i stayed got a drink or two and line danced but that was the extent of my meetup experience.

I decided to try again and signed up for a book club. I read the book and we met tonight and i LOVED it!!!! It was super fun and everyone was nice. I had a blast and am so glad i went. Annnnd the woman whose house it is at runs a meetup that i RSVP’D to next week!!! I think i may have found some groups :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

How do you meet people and make friends?

My small life

It’s funny how our lives  lives go through cycles, this time last year my life and my community consisted of hudreds of through hikers and through hiking blog readers. Some of that is still a part of my life, i may not be a through hiker but i am a hiker. But now i am back in Oregon and my life consists of going to work, working out, hanging at home with my dog and the occasional date. Yes i am part of the running community and am becoming part of the triathlon community but i am very much alone up here.

Don’t worry this is not a pity party post.

But really, none of my immediate family is here, i have no close friends here. The one wonderful woman i hung out with on a regular basis moved to the other side of the country. I am averaging seeing 1 other woman and her fiance about once every other month. But that is it. So it’s time to take the bull by the horns.

I have made exercise a priority and now meeting people will be as well.

I have joined 2 book groups and RSVP’d to these groups April event so yay.

Also i joined a few running groups and RSVP’d to a short run the weekend after the tulip festival ends. I WILL put myself out there. I need to build a base of people here.

If you are interested in meeting people I used there is something for everyone.

On a side note i got lots of planting done last night!


Planted 3 small rows of onions in this 10 gal smart pot


Got 2 rows lf corn and peas in each brown planter and planted 2 potatoes in the potato bag


The bottom opens for easy harvesting!

How are you?
How long did it take you to establish your base of people where you live now?
How did you do it?