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Last time i lived in Oregon i tried There was a country bar like 5 min from my apartment and there was a weekly meetup group there on the night they had free line dancing lessons. I RSVP’D one night and several other people had RSVP’D. I showed up and could not find them anywhere, i asked the waitress who asked the bartender but no one knew anything about it. I was there so i stayed got a drink or two and line danced but that was the extent of my meetup experience.

I decided to try again and signed up for a book club. I read the book and we met tonight and i LOVED it!!!! It was super fun and everyone was nice. I had a blast and am so glad i went. Annnnd the woman whose house it is at runs a meetup that i RSVP’D to next week!!! I think i may have found some groups :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

How do you meet people and make friends?

2 thoughts on “Bookclub from

  1. Yaaaaaah!!!! Awesome. What book did you read/discuss?? I do have to ask what :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:: means. It’s in most of your posts and I have no idea what it means lol.

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