Wednesday Wonderings

Happy Hump Day!!!!


A little midweek motivation



My day started out with a swim workout


Then I cancelled it out with this sugary but delicious crap. Thank goodness it’s not always available in the vending machine. 


I’ve been working on training schedules. Thankfully I have learned that while I work best with a schedule I also have to allow for the flexibility that is necessary in life.


The day ended with Trivia!!! And roommate discussion about what is to come. Now I’m tired and am hitting the hay.

How was your day?

Do you schedule workouts or just go with what feels good?

If you schedule do you stick to it religiously or change it up?

Ugh my stupid phone

Well this was supposed to upload and post last night but my phone is on the verge of dying so i get to spend my lunch at Costco seeing what they can do for me for a phone plan and hopefully get a new one soon.

Yesterday was a good day i pickedup a pineapple at the store a few days ago and cut it up, so happy we are getting to fresh cheap fruit season!!! I am starting to have good delicious snacks.


I met my trainer at the gym for a swim workout.

It was beautiful at lunch so i went out for a little walk before the rains hit at night. When i got back i put my legs up to try and drain some of the lactic acid that has built up



I needed a quick dinner so i drove through subway. Then i ran out the door to my first trivia night from!

It was super fun!!!! I will definetly be going back.


How was your Wednesday?