Ugh my stupid phone

Well this was supposed to upload and post last night but my phone is on the verge of dying so i get to spend my lunch at Costco seeing what they can do for me for a phone plan and hopefully get a new one soon.

Yesterday was a good day i pickedup a pineapple at the store a few days ago and cut it up, so happy we are getting to fresh cheap fruit season!!! I am starting to have good delicious snacks.


I met my trainer at the gym for a swim workout.

It was beautiful at lunch so i went out for a little walk before the rains hit at night. When i got back i put my legs up to try and drain some of the lactic acid that has built up



I needed a quick dinner so i drove through subway. Then i ran out the door to my first trivia night from!

It was super fun!!!! I will definetly be going back.


How was your Wednesday?

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