Barkbox and an acid stomach


I am typing this post on my new tablet!! While I am excited about it, it also caused me some stress. My dying phone meant I needed to get a new one. I was on my mom’s phone plan but when she moved to a different state with her husband our carrier didn’t have good service in the small town she moved to so she went on her husband’s plan. So when getting a new phone it was time to get my own phone plan. Signing up for another bill and plan is always gut wrenching for me, Costco threw in this tablet for $10/month. I took the deal and am slowly relaxing but it took some time. Being an adult really sucks sometimes lol. This is the last bill my mom was still paying for me and now I am taking it over……oh adulthood.

Well on to more fun topics, April’s barkbox arrived!!


It is baseball themed




My roommates dog was certainly excited about it!



Work was busy today but I got through it.
Now I am relaxing and watching some TV. Tomorrow 8 miles are in the plan. I might have to split it up into 2 runs since I have to work tomorrow at the farm and I don’t want to run too long in the dark.

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