An exhausting Saturday

Artemis and I got up at 6am and ran.



We ran through a cute little park near our house and found this super cuteness!!!


How cute? I will definitely be adding some books to it.


Somebody ran her first 5k today! Not in an official race or anything just her, me and the Garmin. 


After work I went to cook park where I loved to run when I lived in Tualatin and did 5 more miles! I was dying by the end. And was soaking wet because it poured off and on. That is 8 miles total and 4.5 hours on my feet at the farm. It made for a long exhausting day. It is 8:45 on a Saturday night and I am in bed about to pass out.


I got cuddles 🙂


I spent the evening on the couch relaxing and putting my feet up.
OK night night before I pass out while writing this.

How was your Saturday?
Have you ever broken a long run into 2 shorter ones due to time constraints?

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