Blue Apron and the rest of my weekend.

This is my last fish dish from Blue Apron. They just don’t freeze very well or reheat that great, not that I think any fish does, so it doesn’t quite work for my lifestyle. Except that salmon fettuccine one, that reheated beautifully.  Anyways here is lunch for the next 2 days





As always I tweaked it a bit and made it a sort of Asian teriyaki salmon. I figured a stronger flavor would reheat better.


Delicious spinach in the potato salad. I used half the mustard seed instead of all and only used maybe 1/4th of the horseradish because I am not a huge horseradish person.

I worked 4.5 hours today and was super happy to get off early and am so looking happy the Tulip festival only has pne weekend left. Not that it has been bad at all but I am so ooooh tired. I will he sleeping and being very lazy my first weekend off. Except for my workouts I will do nothing but read/watch tv.

After work I came home and cooked my Blue Apron meal then got ready for my date. This was date 2 for this gentleman and i…….I hate dating. Where dkd all the ruggedly handsome, confident, smart, interesting, men with tattoos go? One I am not that super attracted to him yet but it’s date 2 and he didn’t try to kiss me at all? Is he trying to be friend zoned?

Good night.

Any idea what the secret to dating is?

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