Let see Saturday i worked 7 hours at the tulip festival then had a date. It went ok. He was nervous so i carried most of the conversation. The food was excellent!!!! But i will admit driving home i was hit with depression. Anytime a date doesn’t go well lately i just think about my ex and how effortless things were with him. I am getting better at putting him in the past but it has been a hard few months.
I decided i needed a day off from life so Sunday instead of going to my 2nd race this month (i was also physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted) so i skipped the race and laid on the couch with my dog all day.

On the less happy side my stomach has been bugging me again. What the heck is going on with my gut?! I am going to have to start cutting things out and see what fixes it.

How is your life going?

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