A date in Hawthorne

Good Morning everyone!!!

This time last weekend I was having breakfast with a nice man in the middle of nowhere.

I can tell you this, if you are ever thinking of scheduling a first date/meet and greet type thing in Hawthorne……don’t.

There is nothing to do! However if this does happen, get pizza at the little pizza shop across from the El Capitan casino, it was delicious!

Also, at this point spring for the suite and the El Capitan lodge, i didn’t and he did and wow was his room like 10x nicer than mine. My room reminded me of the room in the movie ‘vacancy’……the adjoining door was even unlocked when i got there, just saying. 

I met a guy from eharmony there, i think it went well and look forward to spending more time with him. And he was a very good sport when ‘pitch perfect’ was the movie i turned on the tv and ‘what to expect when you’re expecting’ came on after that hahahahaha.

I’m smitten but am not counting my chickens. I’ll keep you posted!

Tell me something that has made you smile lately.

2 thoughts on “A date in Hawthorne

  1. Lol was gonna say can’t believe you went to the middle of nowhere! It could have been the remake of vacancy!

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