Weight update

Hi everyone!!!

So i have been home about, what 2.5 weeks? Wow thats it, it feels so much longer. Anyways since i got home i have been doing a mixture of insanity, jogging and the elliptical machine, mostly the elliptical machine. I have also been tracking my calories, not religiously but I’m trying and I’ve lost 4 lbs. So I’m down to 153. I’ve still got a minimum of about 10lbs to go but I’m on my way!

Sparkpeople is really working for me to track my calories easily and i am loving puting my fitness motivation pictures on my phone and changing it every week so i don’t get bored or stop really looking at it.

Having motivating pictures on my phone is perfect, i see it EVERY time i look at my phone and that is huge. I strongly suggest puting something motivating where you will see it to help you reach whatever goal you are aiming towards.

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