Something fun to try

Howdy all!!!

Things are good here and ill update you more in a few days but i wanted to stop in and show you my new purchase!!!!! It is simple and cheap but ibam so stoked for it.
So i write letters to my friends and family, like actual snail mail letters, they are a mixture between hand written and typed but i mail them.


I think people have forgotten how much fun it is to receive something in the mail that isn’t a bill or magazine or summons lol.

To make it even more fun i bought an old fashion seal and wax!



And it turned out sooo cool! I am super excited about it!
I challenge you to write someone and old fashion letter!

And here is a little fitness motivation for you 😄


Talk to you later!!!

4 thoughts on “Something fun to try

  1. Hi “A”,
    I think that is a very cool idea! I was just thinking of those stamps the other day after watching a TV character stamp their letter after they were done writing it. Where did you get yours? Online? I’d like to get one! Deb.

  2. I Love getting your letters! It is fun to get those in the mail, and it’s more personal too, as opposed to an email. and I loved the wax stamp on the card you sent me, very cool!!!!

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