Taking stock


Well mom and i have been home for about a week and a half and we are getting things cleaned up and packed and figured out.

I have started unpacking all my resupply boxes.
I now have lots of great workout clothes. Normally i only have 1 functioning sports bra at a time becasue i need good quality high impact ones (one of the joys of big boobs) now i have 3 sports bras, running socks, antimicrobial underwear. I am certainly outfitted to workout.


Any food that is conductive to a healthy lifestyle or aids in working out i am keeping.


I am definitely outfitted for my training hahaha.

Anything that was homemade and didnt keep well or taste that great i unfortunately trashed.
But everything that was store bought and prepackaged i am giving my mom so she can give it to her church to give to people who need it.


So far i have 2 giant grocery bags filled with food to give them.

I went for my first run this morning, i kept it very short, as in half a mile hahaha. I am starting out slow again. I am going to run the Vancouver rock and roll half marathon in October so i am going to start stepping up my running. 



No this is not me……yet! Hahahahaha

So for the time being i am living out of a suitcase, boxes, bags etc. And packing up things from the trip.
In the mean time i am subbing and working on my spirituality.


My new pretty rune set.

Last night mom and i went to an essential oil party, i got the starter kit so i can start using those 😄

I am feeling on the right track, ill keep you posted!

What have you done lately to improve your life?

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