Let yourself off the hook

Happy Friday everyone!!!

So on Tuesday i started a new workout regimen. I bought the 12-week bikini workout program and am loving it so far!! It is by The Get in Shape Girl. So I have done the workouts the last 3 days and feel great, a little sore but great; today I am supposed to do a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout and an additional 30 minutes of cardio, however today I just wasn’t in the mood to workout.

This workout program is a 6 days a week program, Sunday is supposed to be my rest day, instead i decided that today would be my rest day.


I knew that because i so didn’t feel like working out today that i wouldn’t work out to my full potential, this way it is a win-win. I will still get in my 6 days a week workout and i get to choose the day that i don’t feel like working out.

Basically i am saying, if you really don’t feel like working out, not that you are being lazy or anything like that but that you genuinely don’t feel any motivation at all, take the day off and let yourself off the hook about it…….but make sure you kick butt in your next workout.

On a side note, remember that braid i did….20150522_180922

Look how much it spices up my pony tail!!! I love it!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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