Hairstyle**Braided crown


I have been looking at blogs, pinterest, and amazon for fun easy hairstyles. This was one of the first ones i stumbled upon. This one is from a book off amazon. It is crazy simple.

20150523_153041 20150523_153051

I started with already curled hair, but you could use straight, wavy, or whatever hair. After i washed my hair last night i put it up in curlers and slept that way.

20150523_153130 20150523_153248 20150523_153302

Take a section of your hair, the part that you would use if you were pulling your sides back. Braid that section, then pull the braid apart a little bit to add volume and make the braid look bigger.

20150523_153332 20150523_153557 20150523_153708

Wrap the braid around your head and secure it. I used a giant clip because 90% of my hair and bathroom stuff is already packed. It will probably be prettier if you use a few bobby pins.

Repeat this process on the other side and wrap that braid around and secure with bobby pins. With bobby pins yours will hopefully turn out a little more secure than mine hahahaha. Add a spritz of gel or hairspray to tame flyways and create a little hold.

From the front it is a nice sides pulled back look with it being a little more interesting in the back.

Let me know how it works out for you!

P.S Yes i am in my comfy pajamas 🙂 The weather has been bipolar here and has been raining a lot lately so i am enjoy and warm inside lazy day.

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