Book review**Grey

Happy Saturday!!!!

Grey is Fifty Shades of Grey told from the perspective of Christian Grey.


I ready all Fifty Shades of Grey books when they came out and have seen the movie.
Let’s be real, these books are porn, i believe the term ‘mommy porn’ was used to describe these books. I like them for what they are, a fun, dirty read.
There is not a lot of character development, from what I read online she originally based them on the twilight characters, which i think you can really see the similarities.

But in a series like this most people don’t care about character development.

All that being said i did really enjoy reading the male counterpart to the story. You get to see much more of Christian Grey’s dark past, see how his mind works; though i still don’t feel like there is much depth to the characters.

In the end i still love the books for what they are: some fun dirty reading, porn.

I suggest it for a fun summer beach read.

What do you think?

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