Hot Run

Howdy all!!!
I got back to my running today!

Yesterday it was all nice and overcast so i planned to run at lunch today, of course it was hot and sunny today!
My face was super red sitting at my desk for like an hour afterwards hahahahahaha.

My mac and cheese lunch ended up sucking! I will never buy the Safeway version again to save 20cents. So i tossed it 😦 thankfully i had brought a vemma bod-e shake with recovery.


So that was my lunch.


Hanging at my desk.

I have a work dinner tonight and thankfully i decided to look at the menu and nutritional information before going. I was going to get fish and chips….yum, yum, yum. But it was more than my whole DAY of calories!!! Veggie burger it is lol!!!

Planning ahead means i can make the best choice for me.

Have you ever planned your meal ahead when going out?

What was your workout today?

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