A fun weekend

Hi all!!!! I hope everyone had a fun weekend like i did!!!

Saturday i took it easy to make sure i fully mended from my bug. Spent the day lounging on the couch, watched the last half of season 9 of the amazing race and the beginning of season 10. I read a little and caught up on some correspondence…..and sipped on a frapachino of course.


I pin curled my hair to make it cute for the beginning of the week cause i have two dates scheduled.


I did it today so it can fall out a bit for the dates, don’t want it to look too perfect on the first date hahahaha.

But one of the best parts of the weekend was…..wedding cake tastings!!!! Yep, you read that right (don’t freak out mom, keep reading).
I don’t even have a boyfriend and im tasting wedding cakes.



One of my roommates has a small baking business on the side and she is doing a wedding cake tasting this weekend, so she is making extra for me to taste first.
This is one job i will gladly be the guinea pig for!!!

Thank goodness i have started running or i would gain 500lbs living here because every other week she is making cupcakes i get to try, and cupcakes are a weakness of mine.


My roommate and i also went and saw ‘Trainwreck’ Saturday night which was super cute and so funny! Here’s to a good week!!!!

Have you seen any good movies lately?

Are you an amazing race junkie like me?

2 thoughts on “A fun weekend

  1. Lucky Guinea Pig!!! And in case I didn’t figure out how to log you out of computer, cause I clicked on everything in site, and log me in, this is Ariana’s mom.

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