A failed run and helping a friend pack.


Hope you all had a great Saturday!

Friday night Artemis and I went home for a walk. This was our first nighttime walk. Here in the pacific northwest it gets dark in the winter at about 5pm and i dont get home until 6-6:30pm. So i was very happy to be able to utilize something that was given to me for my hike by my great friend Sharon.

Click to view video.

Also my first BarkBox arrived!!!! I only bought 1 month but i found a one month free coupon online so i am actually getting 2 months.




There was actually a lot in there. We have opened the green treats so far. She likes them.


We share so Jasper, my roommates dog, got the turkery toy.


Artemis has actually played with this toy a little, progress!!!!!


I’m saving this for when i leave her on thanksgiving.


I made blue aprons trattoria style cheeseburger, i made a few tweaks the first time then when i made the second burger i made more tweaks.

I didn’t make the lemon aioli because i am not a big mayonnaise fan. So it was a little too lemony for me.




The second time i mixed just garlic in with the meat instead of the lemon as well.



Instead if the lemon aioli i did ketchup and mustard.

Artemis and i tried for a run today but she decided to poop about 5 minutes in and i didn’t want to run with a bag full of poop. So we shall try again tomorrow.

I spent most of the day over at my girls house helping her pack, well mostly keeping her company while she packed. I’m gonna miss her!!!!!! There may have been some pizza and dancing and a little drinking lol. Then i caught up on some tv and the boyfriend stopped by on his way home from work. He is dealing with some drama so instead of dinner we just cuddled and chatted.

I can’t believe i am meeting his family next week!!!!

How was your Saturday?

Look for a book review tomorrow!!

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