Happy Friday!!!!

Are you looking forward to the weekend, because i am !!!!!! I dont have any amazing plans or anything, i am going for my first short run tomorrow with my doggie, hopefully she doesn’t trip me. Then i am helping my friend pack. The boyfriend and i are hopefully having dinner together on Saturday (his work is crazy so i never know fo sure until the night of), then Sunday is just me and Artemis hanging out.


Made a delicious Blue Apron meal, Lentil Bolognase (probably not the right spelling) It is flipping delicious!!! I had it for lunch yesterday and today, I also have a full serving in the freezer and like a half a serving in the fridge to snack on this weekend!

I added some extra noodles i had to make a little more.

I was really impressed with this meal.  I will definitely be making this one again.


So stoked to have 3 workouts in the bag so far this week!!!! VERY happy to be back in workout mode, though i am starting slow and building back up.

Look for tomorrows post about Artemis’ and I’s first run together and Blue Apron Cheeseburgers!!!!!

What are you weekend plans? 

What is the last workout you did? 

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