Thursday Thoughts

I cannot wait until tomorrow at 5:30!!!


Someone got a bright new coller! Itbis reflective too for when we go running



It was very yummy but my stomach has been so funky i only ate about half of it, which made me sad.


My fortune from Panda Express.


Today was pie and ice cream day at work!!!!


I stayed at the boyfriends house last night and Artemis Mama decided to eat the rest of her greenies. Somebody isn’t getting any treats for awhile.

Speaking of the boyfriend, i was in a bad mood last night and decided to pick a fight. I hate when i know im being irrationally emotional and i cant stop it. But thankfully he realizes i am human and got over it.

He is taking me home to meet the family for thanksgiving!!!!! I’m so excited and nervous!!!!

Alright time to get dressed to head to the gym.

How was your day?
I felt like a zombie all day.

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