Tuesday topics

Howdy!!!! Well after today we are what 1/3 ish through the week?

So this weekend i thought i got food poisoning from my blue apron tortilla soup but i am thinking it is actually the norovirus. Nothing tasted or smelled bad in my blue apron stuff and my stomach is still off and apparently it is going around, oh joy.


We napped this weekend.

Thankfully i have some oregano oil on its way and i bought cellulose capsules so as soon as those get here i can kick this sh*t. I hope no one else at work gets it but like so many people i can’t afford to take anymore time off, especially after my surgery.

I am spending lots of time with my new fur baby.


She already knows that my bed is her bed.

The rock and roll seattle finishers t-shirt was released today yay!!!!

B! Get your sh*t together and register so I’m not running those hills together!!!!! Love you!

Sorry had to call her out lol!!!

Had my first training appt last night and i am so happy to be back in the gym!!!!! Even if i am sick.

Gonna take it easy on the bike tonight and watch an episode of grimm while i work out.

How was your day?
What is work out today?
Is everyone around you sick? Are you?

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