Time to pick out next week’s meals!!!

Good morning!!!

I trades shifts with a coworker so I can get off early because I have family in town so I got to work before the sun was up

I love getting here early, I feel like I get so much more done. 

On Fridays I pick out my meals for next week so I can prep over the weekend. 

Pintrest is my best friend on Fridays. 

I am going to make the lettuce taco boats again from last week because they were soooooo delicious.  

 Meal #2 will be sweet chili pineapple chicken with veggies over rice. 

Meal #3 will be a Mediterranean pasta salad that I am going to add shredded chicken to. 

Snack #1 will be celery with peanut butter 

#2 will be this!!!

Do you do meal prep??

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