I feel like sh*t

Today started off fine. I got up at the crack of dawn to go workout. The workout went well then not long after I got into traffic to head to work i started feeling horrible. 

Progressively worse headache, nausea,  the headache was made worse by sound and light. Hot flashes. 

I can’t tell if I feel sick or these are all symptoms from the headache in which case I would guess it’s a migraine. Which makes me wonder if I’ve had migraines before, because I’ve had headaches this bad and worse before, and just never thought of them as migranes. Interesring. 

Long rant to say that I feel like shit and am super flipping happy that I have to be at work and train a new person. (Lots of sarcasm)

Podcasts are back in my life

Howdy!!! Hope everyone is well. 

I overslept today and did not get a run in before work and also didn’t have time to get my swimsuit out of the dryer so today turned into a rest day. Normally I would just switch my workouts to Friday which was my planned rest day but I switched schedules with someone so I could get off early since I have family in town so that means I have to be at work at 6am. That would mean I’d have to be at the gym by about 4am to workout…….not happening.  

I came squeeze in a swim after my spin on Saturday morning but I will just have to miss that run. Which is a bad mom move because that means Artemis missed the excersice too. 

On another note I took a crazy amount of vitamins today. In my sample box they had a daily dose of vitamins so I tried it today

Yea that is a 1 DAY dose! It took me 2 shallows to get this all down. And I had to mix it with Gatorade because they were a little flavorful 

That is a lot of stuff to take at once. 

So podcasts…..I stopped listening to them for awhile but started again yesterday. I have like 8 episodes of ‘criminal’ to catch up on and have started listening to ‘here be monsters’. It really breaks up the monotony of a desk job. 

Do you listen to podcasts? 

Which ones?

If not I recommend ‘Serial’ I was obsessed with that and cannot wait to see what season 3 has in store. 

Well off to bed for 6am training!!!

My sweet girl and my laundry to put away hahahaha!!

Book on Tape review

51OmLU9LfHL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ photo from amazon.com

Lately i have gotten a little sick of listening to music when i run, i can only hear the same song so many times before it looses all motivation, so i changed to books on tape. I also like plugging one of these in at work when i need to buckle down and get work done.

Side note, i have ADD so engaging half my brain with a book allows the other half to buckle down and work for longer periods of time than normal.

I listen to all different kinds of books and i shop audible’s sales and things like that.

This actually sounded like a really interesting book and it was. Yes they describe the rapes but I didnt feel that i was overly graphic. I cant believe how sucky the justice system is to rape victims, no not all places are horrible to the victim but some really do suck and that is moslty what the book was about.

Overall i found it to be an intersting book and something intersting to listen to while i ran. No it didnt freak me out, this wasnt about the people who jump out of a bush and attached a random passerby this was about aquantance rape.

Confessions time…..

My confession is that I suffer from road rage. Anyone who rides in the car with me ends of laughing their butt off then wondering why the heck people are going so slow. By the time the car ride is over you agree with me, but don’t worry it doesn’t follow you into your car. I will tell and gesture emphatically,  not like flipping people off (they could be armed I’m not risking it) but like both hands up in the air or waving at you to get over if you are in the fast lane. Sometimes it’s bad lol. My roommate experienced this for the first time on our road trip hiking adventure.  OK confession over. 

Now for the good stuff. My post it collection at work is growing

First there was this

Now there is this

I sooooo did not want to go to the gym after work, soreness from strength training was setting in and the panda express but tired me out but I bargained with myself that I only has to spin for 20 min so I dragged my butt there

And my mom called me about 7 min in, thankfully the room was empty so I chatted with her for almost 20 min and that helped.

Then to home I went for bolognase!!!

I will leave you with my sweet sweet girl!!

Tasty Tuesday 

Good morning!!!! 

Last night I went home and cooked some food up THEN went to the gym. That was weird lol. There was definitely some bargaining about not wanting to go. 

Meal prep happened 

Making taco boats. 

Also threw some bolognase  (spelling?) Basically meat pasta sauce in the slow cooker to cook overnight. 

Hit the gym for a short swim

Definitely a short swim, I should have done 800m but just wasn’t feeling it and was running out of time. 

Then took my hot shower at the gym since home water is still cold. 

Then home, ate dinner

Freaking delicious!!! And the crunch of the romaine is sooooo satisfying. 

Then off to bed. This morning i was up at the crack of dawn to put the pasta sauce away and head to the gym for AM strength training. On strength training days I end up taking 3 scoops of my protien and greens before 9am. By the time I finish my last shake

I don’t want to see a protien shake again for 2 days lol

As training intensifies to 2-a-days most days I feel like I am living out of a gym bag. 

Have a great morning!!!

Monday Motivation




Check in on last week:

Monday: Swim 800m after work Completed

Tuesday: AM strength with trainer, Spin for 30 min after work Completed

Wednesday: Run 3 miles before work w/ Artemis This changed to a speed work after a showing at night but completed

Thursday: AM strength with trainer, Spin for 30 min after work Completed

Friday: Run 3 miles before work w/ Artemis, Swim 850m after work Did not happen, i got frusted with life and just relaxed on the couch 

Saturday: 8am Spin class, Swim 850 m Also did not happen. I was bad and stayed up waaay too late friday night so an 8am spin class was not happening and of course once you skip one workout its just soooo easy to keep skipping

Sunday: Run 10 miles This turned into a 6 plus mile hike and a 12 hour day hahaha, but it was a nice hike. 


Now for this week:

Monday: PM Swim 800M

Tuesday: AM strength, PM Spin

Wednesday:AM Run, PM Swim 850M

Thursday: AM Strength, PM Swim 850M

Friday: OFF

Saturday:AM spin class

Sunday: 11 mile run


Soooo sleepy!!!

Coffee!!!!! Yesterday wiped me out, also I took benadryl for my allergies this morning which probably isn’t helping. I am doing everything I can to stay awake at my desk right now. 

Thankfully I feel pretty good after the hike yesterday 

Before bed I rubbed some salve on my feet that I got on Amazon and they are golden today, no roughness or soreness

How is your Monday morning going?