Weekend Wrapup

Whew!!!! Just got home from a 12 hour day. Last night the crazy visiting dogs got picked up at 11:30pm so my roommate and I slept in this morning. I got up before she did and watched some TV. I knew I would either be running 10 miles today or hiking. 

After my roommate woke up we chose hiking. We were on the road by 11, this was pretty last minute so we got a very late start.

4 hours later after pooping dogs, stressed out dogs, barking dogs and slow a** drivers, we arrived at the hiking spot.

Only to realize it was the wrong hiking spot. We were in the right area just wrong spot so we drove around for another 10 min until we found it.

And off we went for a walk in the woods!

It was a nice but challenging hike. 1200ish foot elevation gain, mostly in the first 2 miles. 

Artemis likes to run ahead then run back, then run ahead, then run back so she probably did like 12 miles to our 6. I know I kept her well hydrated though cause she peed a lot hahahahaha. 

Beautiful scenery.  

Lots of streams and small river crossings

The last mile had good coastal views. 

I forced her to pose with me, she wasn’t too happy hahahahaha. 

Afterwards back into the car for another 4 hours adventure!!!!

There was traffic of course and we stopped at A&W to get root beer freezes and food. The food is a life choice I am regretting. Also we were seriously in the drive through line for a minimum of 20 min!!!! They were so slow and rude!!!! Bit it was DAMN good food After the hike. I just know my stomach isn’t going to be happy. 

Artemis knocked out until we got to the food then we got back on the road and barked until I rolled the window up while we sat in traffic. Apparently the traffic noises were making it hard for her to sleep because then she credit down and passed back out until we got home. Now she’s passed out in bed. 

The last surprise of the night was a cold shower,  I am guessing our pilot light went out or something. Quick rinse off and I was out. And now it’s time for me to pass out. Goodnight. 

Semi-eventful Saturday 

I chose a bright summer color

After getting our nails done my friend and I got a late breakfast at Danny’s.

The bacon I ate haunted me all day. 

I never made it to the gym, because of course a body at rest stays at rest, but I made it to the grocery store so I could start my meal prep. 

Made a turkey stew with bacon, Turkey and some veggie crumbles

Add lots of veggies


And broth, spices and water. 

20 min before it’s done you add lima beans, 10 min later you add cabbage. 

I made the delicious peanut butter, banana, and chocolate. Here they are assembled but not set

And after they set in the freezer

They don’t look super pretty but they are delicious!!!!! And were actually pretty easy to make. These will definitely be a common occurrence in my meal plans. 

While cooking I snacked on these

And bindge on the TV show scandal. 

Tomorrow I will either be running 10 miles or hiking 10 miles. Not sure yet. 

How was your Saturday?

Happy Saturday morning!!!

This morning did not go according to plan. I was going to get up at 7 and hit an 8am spin class…..but the genius that I am I stayed up until midnight last night which wouldn’t have been too much of a problem but Artemis woke me up at 6 for another emergency bathroom trip. 

I think she’s been eating the visiting dogs food and it isn’t sitting well. I’ll find out if this theory is correct next week since they leave today or tomorrow.  

So on 6 hours sleep I said nope. And went back to sleep. Woke up at 9, so that is about 8 hours sleep. Got some cuddles

Now I am getting my nails done. Here is the before

Yes mom those are my nails. I’ve been letting them grow out. 

I am doing good at not biting them right now, biting my nails has been a lifelong bad habit. 

See you after I have some prettier nails!!!!

A sucky evening

I skipped the gym for the showing. But of course I came home to a dog that had had an accident in the crate,  not mine, and 2 little dogs, one of which won’t go to the bathroom. It was literally a sh*t show.  The people came for the showing  then left and I’m stuck here with a mess of dogs. 

I am just having a really bad night. I am watching Netflix 

Catching up on scandal. 

It is just a bad night so I am going cut this short before I turn into a whiney baby. 

I’m gonna cry on the inside like a winner (Cameron Diaz in the other woman)

A late morning 

Good morning!!!

Well someone,  ahem Artemis,  woke me up at 3:30am again to go to the bathroom so I slept through my morning run……and my alarm clock, waking up with about 20min max to get out the door to make it to work. But I did it!!!!

This is what I woke up to

There are raindrops on the lattice lol

I LOVE rainy days.


It is funny to me that most people today are being grumpy about the rain. 1) we live in the pacific northwest, rain is part of life 2) it has been a few weeks since we had rain 3) not this weekend but next weekend is supposed to be almost 100!! Enjoy the coolness now. 4) it is already clearing up and should be nice the rest of the day and the weekend.

Maybe i am a little biased because I love the rain but it is good for everything and everyone to have a little rain before a hot streak.

That is my morning.

I had packed and planned to go to the gym after work and run and swim but i just got a text from the roommate and the realtor wants to show the house at 7pm tonight and she has  dinner. My plans are more easily movable so moved now they are. I can run at home, i had planned a short tempo run but i can’t swim at home……… hmmm well maybe i will change it so that i swim tomorrow and sunday instead. Such is life, we must be flexible or we will break!!!!

Are you good at being flexible?

How do you feel about the rain?

Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday night.

I am starting to plan next week’s meals and was looking at snacks and this totally jumped out at me on pintrest 

This is totally happening. 

Once again I didn’t have enough snacks (something I really need to think about for next week)

So I got taco bell tacos

On the plus side it was ice cream day and I abstained. And yes I also ate the apple. 

After work I met my roommate at home and off to the gym we went! 

Spun for 30 min

After I finished cycling I went upstairs to the den of cardiovascular to find my roommate, she was still on the step machine so I figured, if you can’t drag them out of there, join them, so 6 minutes of stepping I did. My calves were on fire!!!!

I had a diet coke today and it was yummy. I rarely drink soda so I really savor it when I do

Do you drink soda?

What is your favorite fast food place?

Mine is Del Taco, thankfully the are only 2 in Oregon and neither are super close by. 

Morning commute 

Happy Thursday!!!! I am currently sitting in my car in my parking spot at work rocking out to Darrius Rucker (spelling?) Wagon Wheel before work starts. Just come from strength training at the gym.

Had a great sunrise this morning 

Slowly drinking down my protien shake

Once I finish this is will be 3 scoops in with protien and greens this morning.  

Somehow I always end up with protien powder on my lunch box

Trying to be a little cute today

In all honesty a dress is the easiest clothing choice because it is just one peice instead of a bottom and top and possible 2 part top like tank and overshirt. 

8:16am and I’m almost at 2000 steps, not too shabby. 

How was your morning?