An Interesting Saturday 

So I was supposed to spin this morning and maybe swim but I woke up still hobbling from my Thursday strength session. 

I hit the grocery store to stock up for the week. 

Made myself a nice breakfast 

Then I did this electrode massage thing I have that I bought at my first half marathon expo, that helped loosen me up a little. 

Then I prepped and threw apricot chicken in the crock pot to start cooking, relaxed a bit then left to meet my friend in Portland. I parked at a park and ride and rode the trimet/max into the city. My connecting train took a few minutes but it all worked out. 

Jessie, my friend, picked me up from the stop and we got tea together and caught up on life.

Then I headed back on the trimet again and of course there was an issue so I had to get off the trimet and on a shuttle where some stupid punks got on and caused a little trouble. I will admit every possible deadly scenario went through my head but it all turned out fine. Then we got back on the trimet a few stops down and when I arrived at the final transit center where I had parked, there were 4 armed cops at the exit. They were checking for people who hadn’t paid and of course some lady tried to run past them. I walked to my car as quick as I could in case it turned into something. Finally after 2 hours of travel to go out 10 miles I made it home. 

I finished off the apricot chicken dish and made my Polish kielbasa sausage dish. This is part 1 of my food preparation for the week. 

How was your Saturday?

I must get 9 miles in tomorrow even if I need to walk half of it from soreness.  

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