Dinner with the family!

When my family gets together food is what we congregate around.

Aun, mom, stepdad

Uncle, aunt, grandma 

Deciding what to eat was a difficult decision 

Artichoke and fried onion appetizer

We like beer flights and tasters as well

Copperhead Salmon with mango quinoa salad and heirloom tomatoes……..OH MY GOSH this was sooooo good and tasted so fresh

The table shared two desserts. A brownie and a blackberry cobbler 

We couldn’t wait to taste them so the pics were taken after the desserts had made the rounds hahahahaaha 

Coffee after dinner!!!!!

Gotta love when mom comes to town and gives me shoes that didn’t fit her!!!

Sadly these are a little big but I will get pads to put in them because they are too cute to not keep

Also did some laundry today and prepped one meal for next week. 

Are you good at ordering at restaurants? 

Fun fact , I am GREAT at ordering, I am almost never disappointed with my meals.