The Official Start of Summer!!!

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Happy first day of summer!!!! Today is the longest day and shortest night, get out and enjoy it!!!

First-day-of-summer-quoteHere is a quick summer list of things I want to do, it is in no way all encompassing.

images-3 images-4

images-5  images-7

1) Go for early morning runs

2) Keep up with correspondence

3) Make fresh homemade lemonade

4) Eat LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies

5) Spend a day at the beach

5) Read

6) Go for some hikes

7) Go for bike rides

8) Go swimming

9) Make hot dogs

10) Make hamburgers

11) Garden

12) Wear sunscreen everyday

13) and of course EAT (and make some homemade) ICE CREAM

I hope you have a great summer!!

What is one thing you are most looking forward to?


(All pictures came from searching google)

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