Book Review-Kisses from Katie**June 20, 2015


Hi all!!!

Here is the link to this book on amazon.

I loved this book, it is so sweet. Katie is a teenage girl who feels called to go to Africa on mission work and she falls in love with the place and the people. She goes back and starts a ministry, adopts kids, and changes the lives of many people.

Funny thing is, i am not Christian and i LOVED this book. Yes it is heavy on the religious but it’s a wonderful book no matter what religion you are and has a wonderful message.

This is the true story of a wonderful woman. If this book doesn’t inspire you to get out and do something for other people, even if it is just donating money or volunteering in a soup kitchen, then i don’t know what will. It certainly makes me want to help more people.


If you read the book tell me what you think.

This is one book that will remain in my bookcase for many years.

If you would like to visit Katie’s blog here is the link.

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