Book Review: 30 Second Anatomy


Hi!!! I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday. It is hotter than Hades where i am.

So Mom’s wedding is tomorrow then we load the uhaul’s and head out!

I’ve been pretty busy so a long book wasn’t in the cards, when i was at Barnes and Noble a week and a half ago i saw a whole bunch of 30 second books that looked really interesting. I chose anataomy because really there is no bad knowing how your body works and i am pleased to say that it was facinating!! And very easy to follow and comprehend. I look forward to reading more in this series, maybe i’ll finally figure out what the heck quantum physics is!!!!!

Here is a link to the book on amazon. It is the same cost for the actual book at Barnes and Noble as the kindle edition is.


Are you going to pick up a 30 second book? If so, tell me which one and if you like it or not.

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