Unplanned last day of August 

Tonight at midnight marks the end of August 2016. My plan was to sleep in, go to work, come home and get in a 3-4 mile run with the pup. 

The morning went according to plan, I woke up at 7 and cuddled with my puppy until about 7:20, got up and went to work. Breakfast was my protien powder…and I just remembered I forgot my blender bottle at work.

At work today we had a retirement party for an awesome person, we had BBQ

That tasted amazing! 

But it didn’t taste so good coming back up. I don’t think it was the food, I think it was either a reaction i had or I’m sick. Oddly i am hoping it’s the reaction because I do not want to be sick. I only have enough sick time right now to cover half a days pay. I left work 3 hours early and will hopefully be fine tomorrow and can go in early to make up some time. 

So far I’ve kept down some otter pops to sooth my burned throat and I just ate a frozen burrito. My stomach doesn’t love it but so far it’s staying down. 

 Here are my August running stats!! 

Here are my steps, I did not do too great with this. 

And here are my runs. Also leaves quite a bit to be desired. 

But tomorrow is the start of another month and I am going to ROCK it!!!

Now the pup and I are relaxing and taking it easy. 

How was your August?

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