A rough start to September

Good Morning!!! I had several thoughts for a fun post yesterday about the start of September but i went home sick again and crawled straight into bed. The pup and I cuddled and i went to sleep. I got some McDonalds in my system and kept it down so that is good. Going home was good for me, I rested and slept and now i feel like i am on the other side of the sickness, we are heading back uphill!

I ordered this on Amazon to help clean me out and reset my colon health. I am also going to start taking a probiotic to get some good flora back in my gut.


I will tell you how it goes.

So back to it being SEPTEMBER!!! How did that happen?




When the fall starts to show and back to school happens I always think of the movie “You’ve Got Mail”.



I will be watching that movie again soon. I tend to watch it several times a year 🙂

What is your favorite back to school/fall movie?

Tomorrow i am off to hike and I am so excited!!!!!!!!!

What are your Labor Day weekend plans?

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