Book Review**Escape by Carolyn Jessop

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Holy wow I thought this was an amazing book. I knew a little about FLDS and of course we’ve all heard of things like Waco and Warren Jeffs butt to hear a first hand account is so intense.

I have also wondered how people let themselves get into situations like this so it was good to read one and realize that most are born into it and that the adults who did choose it, usually chose something very different in the beginning then it ended up slowly becoming something different.

It is devastating to learn how trapped these people are and how few if any lifelines there are for them to escape and yes escape is a true description, you cannot just walk away.

Overall just an amazing read, I highly encourage this read no matter what you believe in, it is very interesting.

*Just because I said I didn’t know much about FLDS does not mean I think all FLDS people or communities are like this. If CONSENTING ADULTS want to be polygamists more power to them. I just found this to be interesting and informative about one person’s journey.



Book Review**Morna’s Legacy Series


Books 1-7 are out in this series so far. This is another one where i got sucked in to the first book by getting in free on my kindle. This is a cute series about time traveling back to the 1600s i believe to find your true love. It’s a fun light hearted read. I read the majority of this series during my Hawaii trip. It’s a romance series for sure.

Book Review**Decades


Another free ebook from bookbub. I wasn’t quite sure about this when i first started and it is very slow going, definitely not an action book.
Overall i actually really enjoyed this book. It is of course fiction but i felt like i got a little glimpse into how drastically things changed from the 40s to the 80s, especially for women. I do not envy the people of those times and trying to navigate the waters of past, present and future.

Like i said definitely not an action book but overall i found it very interesting.