Finally Friday I’m free again, i got my motor runnin for a wild weekend! -George Jones song

My weekend plans are rest, relaxation, workouts, my roommates casual birthday party and hopefully some reading.

Ok, who is ready to laugh at my stupidity.

So i am all about eating healthy (most of the time) and listening to your body and all that good stuff. After getting back from Hawaii i spent the week eating out, which was fine on my stomach but my wallet sure felt it lol. I didn’t eat fast food though, i got to go stuff from restaurants and things like that so i was still eating pretty whole foods. But after a week my wallet couldn’t really take that.

Week 2 back i did a little better, i got breakfast from starbucks or subway most days and had whole wheat pasta at home for dinner. Both not too bad but every day for lunch i was eating a frozen dinner.

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These are the actual meals i have been eating, and i am in NO WAY bad mouthing them, for frozen dinners they are pretty delicious and pretty healthy. And i think that probably 1 a week maybe even 2 would be ok, but my body is revolting since i am eating them every day.

This finally clicked today becuase the beginning of the week i am fine, i eat pretty good over the weekend, then monday, tuesday, wednesday i am fine. Thursday afternoon the stomach problems start to hit midly, and by Friday morning i feel nausous and my stomach is not my friend. This has happened 2 weeks in a row.

So now instead of eating the Parmesan crusted fish dinner that i brought for lunch i am going to dig into my pocket book and go get thai food. i am going to have fresh simple shrimp salad rolls with a little peanut sauce for lunch and get some vegetable sweet and sour to have as an afternoon snack and finish for dinner.

This weekend i will be doing a whole mean plan and going shopping for fresh natural food to have next week.

So yes, trying to take the easy way out, bit me in the butt. You are welcome to laugh because it is my own fault. You think i would have learned this by now, but i guess not lol.

Here is to feeling better!!!!

When was the last time you took the easy way out?

Did it come back to bite you?


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