An unexpected Rest Day

Well i was supposed to go to spin class this morning but i had my Garmin plugged in to charge last night instead of my phone so it died and i woke up right when the class was starting.

So i took what should have been a spin day and turned it into a rest day. I got an extra 2 hours of sleep.


And my puppy and i got to cuddle. Today turned into my rest day so the plan has changed to be that tomorrow morning i will get up and the pup and i will go for a little run/walk.


In addition to pod casts i have signed back up with Audible, i had an audible account a few years ago that i never used so i bought a bunch of books with the credits and had something to listen to while training for my hike. Now that i am running and training so much again you can only listen to the same songs so many times before you tune them out. Now i can mix it up with some books on tape.


And i will give aubidle major props because even though i am a returning customer they still gave me 1 free book! That is pretty awesome! And they currently have a Clive Cussler sale going on that ends today so i have 2 Clive Cussler novels in my library now! This is great especially for those long runs/walks/workouts when there is not enough new music in the world to keep your brain from wondering how much further you have to go. Now i can listen to an enthralling story.


So i think i might have figured out my GI stuff. After a cowoker mentioned that larger amounts of spinach seemed to be upsetting her stomach i thought back to my two big GI issue times and i had eated 2 or more frozen dinners with a larger amount of spinach in them. Now, i throw a few leaves on spinach in a salad or on my subway sandwich or on my breakfast sandwich if i have it on hand, but i have never been a huge spinach person. So i think the GI stuff has been my body responding to a vegetairan frozen meals that are packed with spinach. I will be keeping an eye on this to see if that is the case. Hopefully no more episodes and no more skipped races!!!!!


Is there anything your body doesn’t react well to? 


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