Hump Day!!!

Yes!!! Only 2 days until the weekend!!!!

So at this point I’ve worked out 3 days this week. Thursday is always where my resolve starts to waiver. Sleeping in instead of going to spin class always sounds so good. And by Thursday fatigue is starting to set in, especially if i haven’t gotten enough sleep, which i almost never do.

Then yesterday i saw the blog of a trainer who talked about motivation. She gets up and does the same thing every morning to kick start her day. By always doing the same thing followed by some kind of exercise she has gotten herself into a routine. Now her body knows when she drinks her morning shake a workout is coming so her body automatically starts revving up for the workout.

I am trying this.
Before i go to bed i put a scoop of Bod*e in my blender ball with a little vega protien powder so all i have to do when i wake up is add almond milk and shake. Once my pre workout arrives ill add some of that.
I take a little baggie of protein powder  and recovery and put that in in my lunch bag for post workout. We will see if this helps me at all


I also already have my breakfast ready so i stop spending money by eating out.


I’ll let you know how i fair the rest of the week.
Did swim today in the AM then did a 20 min interval run workout at lunch.
Thank goodness i am starting to take recovery again!!!! Lol i am sore!

Now off to bed for me!!

Do you have a pre workout routine?
How about a post workout routine?

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