First campground booked!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Ahhhh we are passed the 2 month point!!!! I booked Mom and I’s camp spot at Lake Morena. I wanted to make sure we had one, the first few camp grounds can i think get a little busy sometimes since almost everyone makes those. It is amazing that even a campground costs $27. Just shows me that everything is going to cost me money on this trip lol.

After i get my first paycheck ill book our campsite at Mt. Laguna campground since we are taking a zero there, we will have to pay for 2 days.


I have discovered the downside of substitute teaching………..being constantly sick. I got sick my first week and stayed in bed that weekend and took Monday off to recover; when i went back to work Tuesday i was doing well and almost better. Then i got sick again from the students. Thankfully its a 3-day weekend so I can recover again. But this is the toss up for my paycheck.

Talk to you soon!!!!

3 thoughts on “First campground booked!!

    1. It probably does have a PCT rate, i didnt even think to ask. I’m sure ill start stealth camping at some point but when my mom is with me ill stay in campgrounds to make it easier.

  1. I think most places offer a pct hiker rate. I thought lake morena was like $5

    I’m not sure. I just camped 2 min down the pct for free. Don’t be worried to stealth camp… You’ll rarely pay to camp.

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