Snow day!!

Classes were cancelled due to snow! As happy as I was to sleep in it also stressed me out a little since school is so important to me this time around. Oh well. Deep breathe and let it go. 

I had a delicious breakfast

Got some studying done

Yummy snacks

My roommate brought me back a little snack from her trip to Peru

Very nice!!!

I walked to the store again because the streets were still icy and why risk it in a car. I needed to get some stuff for the white chicken chili I’m gonna put in the slow cooker tomorrow morning to simmer away all day. 

My bags were considerably heavier walking, i should have brought a backpack to carry the groceries back more comfortably. 

Walking on the paths in the snow made me think of the PCT, I miss it. A definite goal for me this year is to get out and hike at least 100 miles of it, hopefully more. 

Weekend Wrap-up

So I ran 5 days in a row last week then took Thursday off, Artemis and I took a little walk

It was cold but beautiful 

Anatomy studying 

Enjoyed a cup of coffee out of my new Starbucks ‘You are Here’ mug. I went to Peru 6ish years ago but didn’t hit a Starbucks while I was there because I wasn’t collecting these mugs yet, so my awesome roommate brought me one back when she travelled there over the holidays. 

Friday the boyfriend, the dog and I set out for a 2-3 mile run but i hadn’t waited long enough after a big lunch which resulted in me dry heaving on the side of the road. So the BF dropped me and the dog off at home and he headed out for another 3 miles lol. 

Saturday it snowed so instead of running we headed out and played in the snow with the Artemis. She loved to run. 

Saturday night we cooked and watched some movies. 

Today is a lovely lazy day before I start cramming for the personal training certification exam. I need to take it in about 2 weeks and in other news……

I start back to school tomorrow!!! I am only taking 1 class this quarter, Biology 101. My plan is to go to school part time for the next 2 years so I can still work while I do all my prerequisites then I will apply to a doctorate of physical therapy program. 

I’ll keep you posted. 

How was your weekend?

Medical kit

I’ve got the majority of my medical stuff bought.


With about 43 days until I set foot on the trail I am starting to assemble things how I will have them on the trail so I can start learning how to pack and fit everything in. I packed and repackaged my backpack every few days before Costa Rica and Peru before I figured how to fit everything in.

Obviously I have things for blister prevention and care, bandaids, gauze, alcohol pads, ace bandages and so on. Then I’ve got all my sickness relievers like benadryl, nausea tablets, dramamine etc. I’ve put them in individual Ziploc bags becasue packages take up unnecessary space .


I have labeled each bag with the name and dosage. I learned a very valuable lesson in Costa Rica about not labeling your medications. I’ll spare you the gory details but will say what I wanted was a laxative and what I took was an anti-diarrheal, needless to say I had a bad week lol.


Ibuprofen will have the biggest bag of all. On the trail ibuprofen is called Vitamin I becasue you end up taking it so regularly. I am also stocking up on chapstick becasue I am already a chapstick-a-holic and figure I’ll want it frequently on the trail…..and I’m sure 1 or 2 will get lost or forgotten along the way.
Ahhhh we are getting closer!!! Its going to be here before I know it!!!