Hi Everyone!

Things are good here. I am finally working!!!! Yay!!!! I am booking a good amount of sub jobs so I should get a good check or two before I leave, which means I can buy the rest of my stuff and have some spending money.

I got my California fire permit all squared away.

I sent off my request to enter Canada via the PCT a week or two ago and it was returned stamped with approval this week šŸ™‚

I just got my long distance PCT permit emailed to me last week so I am all set!!!!

I am quite please with how smoothly all the paperwork went and was returned. It seems so real now!!!

I don’t need a permit for Mt. Whitney since i will be entering via the PCT and returning to the PCT so now the only permit I don’t know about/have is to hike half dome, which I won’t be able to try to get until I arrive at the ranger station there. I can’t apply for it now because I am not sure what day I will be there.


Talk to you soon!

4 thoughts on “Paperwork

  1. That’s awesome! I know it must feel good getting so much accomplished in one time frame. So glad to hear you get to work, that helps a bunch. Crazy that you need permits for doing the trail, I wouldn’t have imagined that. Anyway love you and am happy for you!!

    1. Tina, lol i dont think you need to worry too much. When apply for my thru-hiker permit i got to see how many people are leaving each day so far. There are more then 20 people leaving the same day as us. Ill have company.

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